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Ariix Review: Can You Make Money with Ariix?

You're probably reading this review because someone has prospected you on Ariix.  This article and site is dedicated to getting beneath the hype and into the facts.  Let's face it, most pre launches have lot of hype around them.  Make sure you get all the facts before you join.

 What Is Ariix?

Ariix is an MLM company that will go into pre launch on July 1st, 2011.  The name Ariix comes from a Latin word that means "Gold."  The motto for the company is the "Gold Standard."  Which Ariix is claiming to set the Gold Standard in the MLM industry and nutrition industry. 

Is Ariix really the "Gold Standard?" Or is it just hype.  Let's analyze them.

Company Management

Company management is critical for any MLM company, but especially so since Ariix is a start up.  Often times the management and their vision can make or break them. 

Ariix management has a lot going for them, but one negative. I'll present you the facts so you can weigh them for yourself.

The founding management team includes Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeffrey Yates and Riley Timmer.  There are probably others as well, but I have not been able to verify them.

Those four gentlemen worked for USANA Health Sciences (A nutritional MLM) for varying number of years.  Mr. Cooper was President and COO, Mr. Wilson was VP of Sales, Mr Timmer was VP of Finance, and Mr. Yates the CFO at USANA.  All four resigned on May 10, 2011 from USANA to (presumably) start Ariix. 

That represents a good chunk of USANA's upper management.  You can look at USANA's track record and see that they have done well over the years.  We can assume that those gentlemen played a part in that.  They bring their experience to Ariix.  Which is a huge positive for this start up MLM.

However,, points out a couple of key points about Mr. Cooper's background.  I researched these points and was able to verify them.

1) The domain was registered on January 12, 2011 by iCentris.  iCentris is a corporation owned by Mr. Cooper. 

2) The corporate name, Ariix, was registered in Utah on February 12, 2011 by a Celebrus LLC.  Celebrus LLC shares the same address as Ariix and iCentris.  It seems to point back to Mr. Cooper.

So, what's the big deal with this?  Well, Mr. Cooper and the rest of the management team resigned on May 10, 2011.  Many months after the corporation and domain was registered.  It's a little troubling that while USANA's President and COO that Mr. Cooper would be working on a directly competing company.

This author is not familiar with USANA's rules and contracts with employees, but it appears that Mr. Cooper is towing a fine line.  Many executives have been sued successfully for working with one company while working behind their back.

It's a conflict of interest.  This really comes down to your opinion if what Mr. Cooper did is all right or not. 

To this reviewer, his actions do raise a red flag.  The experience that the management team brings is negated by how Mr. Cooper (and presumably the other execs) worked behind USANA's backs.

Management Team: 0 Points

Ariix Opportunity

I first heard of Ariix when one of their distributors presented their plan to me.  This was in late May even before Ariix goes into prelaunch.  I'm sure the facts aren't 100% accurate.  You can still get a good sense of the business opportunity.

I didn't keep count, but close to a dozen times the phrase "Like USANA, but better…" (or similar) was said when talking about the company, products, comp plan and so on.  Ariix was compared to USANA so many times that it made me want to take a second look at joining USANA!

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery.  And that's exactly what this presenter did.  I understand that a lot of the Ariix corporate team came from USANA and some ideas and culture where invariably carry over.  But, it seems like there was no originality to Ariix.

Honestly, it felt like Ariix has a personal grudge and is just trying to "beat USANA."  Which is not a good business move.

It's very rare that a copycat company or product is ever better then the original.  Since Ariix feels like a copycat company with a personal grudge, that's a negative in my book.

Ariix opportunity: 0 Points

Ariix Nutritional Product

Ariix's main product is nutritional products.  Health & Wellness is probably the best market for MLM companies.  Historically, the companies that have been around the longest are in health and wellness.  People's interest in staying healthy is still growing.  To top it off, most nutritional products are ordered every month.  So that helps to build a residual income.

Ariix Products category: 1 Point

Now nutritional products are a double edge sword because there are so many in the market place.  The product needs a patent or have something unique about it that makes it stand out from the rest.  I no details on what's in the product other then "It's better then USANA…"

Does Ariix have a patent?  Do the products give health benefits that no other products do?  Are they manufactured by Ariix or are they outsourced?

The Ariix presenter could answer none of these questions.  That's another red flag to me.  Yes, hype and excitement is part of building a MLM company, but beneath all of it there needs to be something real and that's good.

Ariix may or may not have that.  Since there are no products to purchase yet and no details are known, it's probably a "run of the mill" product that is made by a 3rd party and has the Ariix name slapped on there.

Ariix Products Science: 0 Points

What's the Chance of Ariix Actually Making it?

Over 95% of all companies in the network marketing industry fail.  Working with a company that has not gotten over the 5 year hump is a bit of a gamble.    Looking at the numbers, that means that if you join Ariix toady, that there is a 95% chance that your business won't be there.

Since most people join a network marketing company to build a residual income, you're taking a great risk by working with a company that is not proven.

Bottom Line: Is Ariix a Good Opportunity?

Based on the information that I've researched and have been told by Ariix distributors, I have to say no. 

Ariix's nutritional products appear to have nothing special about them.

The corporate management has a lot of great experience, but their actions at USANA raises a big red flag.

The vibe that Ariix gives off is one that they are a USANA copycat.  History shows that copycat products and companies never do well.

Top all of that with the fact that they are a startup with over a 95% likely hood that they'll fail and the Ariix opportunity does not appear to be a good one.

Statistical you're better off working with an established company that has been around for over 5 years. 

Check back in with this blog for future updates as more about Ariix is made public.

What's your opinion of Ariix?  Opportunity of a lifetime or just another flashy MLM startup?  Share your opinion or anything that you know!


  1. I believe the information made can be deframatory, without verifying the facts.

    Check out the products, and compensation plan for more accurate info.

    Ariix Products

    I believe this something Usana does not have.

    A short intro to the comp plan

    1. so is ARIIX a company that pepole can join safely today

  2. This company is growing so fast and making the world realize there is a healthier way to life. The people ARE still taking the products 3 years later and are thankful for a great business! if you want to know more about Ariix or joining my Team go to

  3. Ariix is a amazing company, The product are great. I joined Ariix and that was the best thing I have ever done. My customers are satisfied and love the product as well. My business is growing so strong, and I am making a a great income with it because people are going crazy over the products!

    1. Phenominal company, glad you joined Brandy! We just launched a training system called Hybrid Income System for Ariix reps if you don't have a system yet for your team to train them in internet marketing strategies. Message me for more details if you like, I'm the SEO & Web Traffic Generation Coach for the system.

    2. I am considering joining so it's nice to hear the positives as well with this company. The products look amazing and I have been a huge supporter of homeopathic remedies for over ten years. I am doing my research and not ready to decide quite yet but this one is at the top of my list I am considering.

    3. I was thinking of joining but am having trouble finding a sponsor in my area. I would love more info.

  4. I agree Brandy, absolutely phenominal. Can't beat their product line. I wrote an in depth article at on this very topic.

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  6. I have to disagree with this article!!! I have lost 14 lbs in 27 days!!! By eating healthy!! And taking there products!!! They work!! I have never felt better in my life!!! Don't believe everything you read!!!

  7. This article is a joke!!! I laughed when I read it 4 years ago. And I'm still laughing now after reading it again today!

    I only have one question "What company is Tom working for? Hmm...

    Khanh Voong

  8. Replies
    1. Ariix has made its way to Canada,
      The products are amazing,only regret is I never found Ariix sooner.

  9. Certainly all of people commenting joined Ariix. I can tell a little bit of my experience with Usana. After two months I found myself better than ever. And I'm glad I hace the backup of a company well possisioned and with a lot of experience making great products. If they've adked me I would choose no to take the risk with Ariix. It's my body and I would not give it less than the best.

  10. Best thing I ever did was join this phenomenal company! I've worked with alot of health and beauty products in the past and have never come across anything like ariix products. There is nothing to compare them too as they are in a league of their own. Fred Cooper is an amazing man and its people like him make me more determined to make my ariix business work!

  11. Best thing I ever did was join this phenomenal company! I've worked with alot of health and beauty products in the past and have never come across anything like ariix products. There is nothing to compare them too as they are in a league of their own. Fred Cooper is an amazing man and its people like him make me more determined to make my ariix business work!

  12. My friend works comfortably at home and seems really comfortable with it and I wanna try this sort of earning at home Ariix MLM